Which builder rocks?

I’ll try to build the exact same page (this one) with several builders within 2h and i’ll do it live on YouTube!


Features wanted


Can i use variables? Can i create styles inside the builder?

Global styling

Can i define my global colors, global font sizes, global spacing?


Can i build this kind of grid easily?


Can i use my own fonts? Can i upload my fonts?


Can i design this page without coding everything by hand?


Basic design options: typography, borders, spacing, shadow, responsive, background Basic blocks: divs, heading, text, accordions, tabs, sliders

Ease of use

Ease of use, responsive, performance?

landing page was created with

Will you be…
my builder?

I’m using Cwicly for 2 years now, and it’s my reference for these tests.
Definitely a 5 stars for me
It’s not easy to use, but it’s very powerful out of the box : i have all the features above.

watch the video

Cwicly made a great job with CSS integration. I can upload my own stylesheets, i can create custom class directly within the control panel, i can copy classes from one block to another. And i can use vars!

And they’ve also made a great integration of tailwind (but i haven’t try it yet)

Perfect: global fonts, global colors, global styles for sections, divs, containers, btn, link, everything!

The grid builder is very easy to use and we can use it directly into sections, containers and divs

We can upload any custom font of our own in WOFF2 format, and also install any of the 1400 Google fonts

Perfect, i can do whatever design i want

Sections, containers, divs, heading, paragraphs, image, lists, sliders, accordions, tabs, custom code, shortcode, queries: that’s all i need!

Cwicly has a certain learning curve and that makes it not easily accessible for beginners (same as Oxygen or Bricks). But once you handle it, you can do whatever you want!

About me

My name is Pauline, and i’m a french webmaster looking for a new way to build websites. I’ve been a Cwicly user since 2022 and now that they’ve stopped everything, i need to find an other tool.
The problem is that Cwicly was very good and my standards and expectations are now high… I also have lost trust into wordpress new or small builders, that’s why i’ve put Elementor in my comparison.
And i also wanted to give it a try to other tools, outside of WP. Because, for my needs and for my clients needs, there may be good alternatives somewhere đŸ™‚

wanna work with me?

Just send me an email at hello@pomilo.fr
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